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Save time and energy with our restaurant cleaning services! Our team is ready to help you keep your restaurant clean, without the need to hire additional staff. We offer a comprehensive solution, from detailed deep cleaning work to basic daily maintenance.

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Commercial Hood Cleaning

Keep your business safe and clean with our commercial hood cleaning service!

Daily restaurant maintenance

Keeping your restaurant in the best conditions has never been so efficient.

Deep kitchen cleaning

Our deep kitchen cleaning offers you the best result for your space.

Window cleaning

Keep your restaurant windows sparkling with our professional service.


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We’d love to help you keep your restaurant sparkling clean! We have everything you need to ensure that your clients enjoy a clean, safe and pleasant environment. From professional cleaning products, specialized equipment and professional teams, we have everything you need to make maintaining your restaurant a worry-free experience.







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A professional cleaning experience for restaurants. Our team of experts are in charge of keeping your facilities in optimal conditions, ensuring the health and well-being of customers and employees.

Our commitment is to offer you the highest cleaning standards for your restaurant. We use high quality and certified products, as well as innovative techniques to guarantee the complete elimination of bacteria, dirt

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What our clients say

Saxsay Restaurant

Regarding the cleaning of the restaurants, we once had the opportunity to work with DNA Pro Restaurant Services, the employees and the team are highly professional and always deliver excellent results. They put a lot of effort into keeping all venues clean and sanitary for our clients. We are very satisfied with the service provided by them.

Enzos Ristorante

We are a restaurant with several years of experience and we have always worried about keeping our kitchen hoods clean. When we worked with DNA Pro Restaurant Services, we were able to see the difference that specialized professionals make. They take care not only of proper exterior cleaning, but also carry out internal inspections to ensure that the hoods are free of greasy deposits.

El Buen Gusto

When we need a professional team to clean our commercial kitchen, we turn to DNA Pro Restaurant Services. We were impressed with his ability and professionalism at work. They not only offered us solutions on cleaning our kitchen, but also helped us improve hygiene and safety processes. We are totally satisfied with the work carried out by them and without a doubt we recommend it.